4232 South Atlantic Ave, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169, US

(386) 428-1680

Welcome to Sun Beach Club

Guest/ Renter Information



All renters and guests are  required to check-in at the office upon arrival to register themselves;  providing identification, vehicle information and emergency contact  information.

Quiet Hours

Renters  and guests must observe quiet hours between 10PM and 8AM. (This  includes no loud noises, running dishwasher, washer/dryer or vacuum.)

Pool Use

All  persons utilizing the pool, hot tub or lanai area are required to wear  wristbands. If your owner or owners' agent has not provided you with  wristbands, you are able to purchase those during registration at a cost  of $5.00 (five dollars) each. You will be provided a receipt and are  able to submit that to the owner or designated agent. Please be sure to  return wristbands to the unit. No more than six people form one condo at  a time; including owners and/or their renters.

Pool Rules

1. Open from 8AM to 10PM.
2. Please shower before entering pool or hot tub.
3. No lifeguard on duty - Use at your own risk.
4. Children under the age of 12, must be accompanied by an adult.
5. Non-toilet trained children must have a "swim diaper" AND  "water tight seal plastic training pants" over the swim diaper.
6. No running, rough play, floating objects or throwing balls/frisbees.
7. No loud music, radio, or television.
8. No glassware of any kind permitted in lanai area, spa or pool deck.
9. Proper bathing attire only, no cut off shorts.
10. Poolside chairs may not be reserved or removed.
11. Please cover chairs with towels to protect from suntan oil.
12. Children under the age of 14 are NOT permitted to use hot tub.
13. Renters may have a maximum of 4 guests (including themselves) at the pool at any one time.

House Rules

1. Quiet Hours - 10PM to 8AM (Do not use washer, dryer, dishwasher, vacuum, or loud music/television)
2. Do not leave washer, dryer or dishwasher running when you are absent from the unit.
3. Do not run air conditioning with windows open.
4. Report leaks of any kind to office immediately.
5. Do not hang towels or articles of clothing on the balcony.
6. Park cars frontwards in assigned unit space, do not back in.

Trash & Recycle

Trash and recycle bins are provided in each court, with separate bins for trash, paper, glass and plastic/cans.

You  are NOT permitted to dispose of anything that does not fit into a 13  gallon trash bag i.e., old beach chair, canopy, construction material of  any kind, sink, cabinet, etc.

For Your Enjoyment

During the winter months, many activities are planned for Sun Beach Club owners, their guests, and renters:

Lending Library

Monthly Breakfast

Weekly Bingo

Golf Outings

Water Aerobics

Weekly Cribbage

Weekly Knitting

Holiday Parties

Monthly Ladies' Luncheon


Please park cars (frontwards) in the assigned parking space.

Fireplace Use

It  is recommended that fireplaces not be used at all, but if you insist,  we ask that you use only with the approval of your unit owner and use  only store-bought Duraflame logs.


Internet access is available in the lanai area if not provided by your unit owner. The User ID/Password is posted in the lanai.


Renters nor guests are permitted to have pets. No exceptions.


No skateboarding or rollerblading allowed.

No grills allowed on unit balconies or patio areas. Grills must be 10 feet away from building.

A, B, and C units are limited to 4 tenants.

D units are limited to 6 tenants.

Phone Numbers

Emergencies 911

Police Non-Emergency 386-424-2220

Sun Beach Club Office 386-428-1680